Kioko Japanese Chin


Charlie and I are a retired couple who have fallen in love with Japanese Chin. Our empty nest
has been filled with loving little fur babies. All of our Chin live In our home and are socialized at
an early age and enjoy time with the kids and grandchildren. We pay particular attention to health
so all our dogs receive excellent vet care.

In our two years as chin owners we have had the good fortune to meet many of the foremost breeders
 of Chin.
We want to thank Bill and Peg Schnarrenberger, Dale and Jane Martenson for our first three Chin girls.
Thanks to Vicki  Devollos and Robyn Walker for our first  male . We then added our second male,
" Ch Senseichins Napoleon" from Judy Shaffer & Karen Donnelly. All of these people have been
willing to mentor and help us from the beginning.

We hope to follow in their footsteps by producing top quality, well adjusted dogs for showing and loving..



Charles and Delores Chambers