CH Touche's Binjiro CH Gayel's Signature Touche' CH Touche' Trick or Treat R.O.M CH Homerbrent Chisai
Sasugi Penny Lane
Touche's Passion Fruit Of Penache R.O.M CH Touche Durango
Delight's Witchy Woman
CH Gayel's Elektra Touche Am CH Chaselands Alexander Lee CH Shi Wang Ching Lee
Chaseland's Agadore Alexander
Shomei's Glorious Celebration Ch. Touches Envy Me At Shomei ROM
Jus' So' Glorious
CH Kioko Creme Brulee CH Chic Cup O Java CH Chic Cuppachinno SenHi Am CH Chic Touche Starbuck
Am. Ch. Ch. Chic Rose In Bloom of Touche
Walker's N Cam's Rockin Robyn Am. Ch. Ch. Walker's Royal Doulton
Am. Ch. Ch. Walker's Summer Kiss
Randalets Mitsuko Natsumi GCH Randalets Miracles Do Happen S.O.D CH Randalet's Chasin The Dragon R.O.M
Ch. Sheena Av Qindao ROM
Randalets Hellion CH Randalets The Final Chase
Randalets Lilly Langtry