CH Heatherwood N Randlets Bushido Ch. Odessa's Hutzul ROM CH Touche's Regency I'm Your Man Ch. Glendyke Mack the Knife ROM
Ch. Tenshi Solitaire
Ch. Touche's Balalayka Of Odessa Ch. Tosaho PS I Love You
Touche's Princess Zoe ROM
Ch. Phantasy Lady Bug CH Tenshi Devil in Disguise Touche's Evil Thoughts
Ch. Touche's Chiisai Kojiki ROM
Ch. Phantasy Charlies Angel Ch. Touche's Charlie Chan
Phantasy Royal Princess ROM
CH Touche's Pink Julep Ch. Shomei's Touch of Envy Ch. Touches Envy Me At Shomei ROM BIS Ch. Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo S.O.D
Taylwag's Too Too ROM
Shomei's Million-Heiress Ch. Shomei's Million-Heir
Shomei's Mizuro
Shomei The Porsche ROM Ch. Shomei's Red Ferrari Jeskit Camijo Minstral Man
Ch. Shomei's Natasha
Shomei's Captive Heart Hi-Lite Captive Audience
Jus' So' Glorious