CH Gayel's Signature Touche' CH Touche' Trick or Treat R.O.M CH Homerbrent Chisai Eng. Ch. Homerbrent Kimi
Homerbrent Hanayaka
Sasugi Penny Lane Ch. Ai Ren Ring Of Fire At Sasugi
Sasugi Miss Moneypenny
Touche's Passion Fruit Of Penache R.O.M CH Touche Durango Ch. Touches Envy Me At Shomei ROM
CH Touche It Will Cost You Dear
Delight's Witchy Woman Ch. Bluemarcs Lil' Man ROM
Ch. Beedoc's Alijons Second Wind DOD
CH Gayel's Elektra Touche Am CH Chaselands Alexander Lee CH Shi Wang Ching Lee BIS BISS Ch. Chindales Tai A Little Knot SOD
CH Shi Wang Jasmin Flower
Chaseland's Agadore Alexander Ch. Touche's Chintendo
Tegalong's Jenny-O' Chaseland
Shomei's Glorious Celebration Ch. Touches Envy Me At Shomei ROM BIS Ch.Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo SOD
Taylwag's Too Too ROM
Jus' So' Glorious CH Makami Dragonseed ROM
Ch. Jus' So' Check-Her Charm ROM